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Create Your Digital Street Team

It’s hard trying to expand your audience and spread the word that you’re someone to pay attention to. So here are a few tips on how to make the most of the people already supporting you, in the form of your very own Digital Street Team. Want to read more?

Stop Making Them Wait and Give Them The Music

This post featured on Hypebot, MusicThinkTank and Fortitude Magazine – Is an album the right route for you to be going down? Have you considered releasing a few more singles, or EPs to get your music out to your fans faster and to keep them interested? It’s worked for other up and coming bands. Want to read more?

Don’t Shout! Speak and They’ll Listen

Having a bit of trouble connecting with online press and bloggers? You may be going about it the wrong way, it’s about connecting as you would in real life, this post may give you some tips. Want to read more?

Upload Your Biography To Spotify

If you’ve had your music distributed to Spotify then here is how you can ensure all your artist information is linked to your music. Want to read more?

Cover The Basics – Get The Views

You’ve probably uploaded cover versions of songs onto your Youtube channel in the past and gotten minimal views. But have you considered looking at smaller, more approachable bands to help increase the views you get and help fans find their way to you? Want to read more?

Collaborate & Split The Audience

Collaborations are nothing new, but if you aim for a similar level artist as yourself in a different region it could help you both reach new audiences in new territories, here is how you can split your audience. Want to read more?

10 Top Instagram Tips For Musicians

You’ve probably got an Instagram account, but have you got a band one? If so are you using it to its full potential? Want to read more?

Are You – ‘Unknown Artists 01’?

Ever wondered why when you import your CD into iTunes you’re entered as ‘Unknown Artist 01’? Well here is why and how you can change it. Want to read more?

Reach Your Facebook Fan-atics Through Opt-in Notifications!

Facebook released a new feature to help band pages connect with your hardcore fan base much easier and to ensure people are seeing what you’re posting after Facebook EdgeRanks decreased. Want to read more?

Don’t Miss It, Schedule It

You’ve got a busy life, writing music, performing, recording but also your life outside of music. So how do you make sure you can reach your audience at the best time for them, when you’re busy? Try scheduling. Want to read more?

Bandcamp Launches: ‘Bandcamp For Fans’ – Turning Fans Into Promoters

Recently Bandcamp opened up the availability of fans to create accounts. Fans can now connect with artists and other fans and sift through the music they’ve bought like old school record collections. Want to read more?

200 People Are Attending? Your Really Think So?

Facebook Events, are they really worth it? Have we gotten past taking them seriously and are they now just a landing page for information? Want to read more?

Show Off In 6 Seconds: Introducing Vine For Musicians

Using the Vine App on your phone? Here’s how you can be using it in your band life! Want to read more?

Here is What I’ve Been Listening To!


That Annoying Coffee Analogy

If you want to compare your music to coffee…well that is up to you


I’ve seen this graphic numerous times on my Facebook wall a couple of times already, I’m sure you’ve seen this too.
On the surface it seems to be sensible, right? The people who used to pay top money to get an artist’s CD suddenly isn’t willing to do so anymore.  But on the other hand, these same people are still willing to pay a ridiculous amount for their daily coffee fix.
Unfortunately, possibly risking the ire of some artists, I don’t buy this analogy.
This analogy insists on COMMODIFYING music when in fact the internet has already debunked this idea.  When we digitised music content we effectively took out the music from the container the market was buying, whether its a vinyl, cassette or CD.
Yes with 99 cents (P40) they could:
  • buy an Ice Cream Sandwich at Dairy Queen
  • Two bars of soap
  • Siomai and Ice Tea
 Or they…

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“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” – the importance of written band agreements

LawBlacks Blog

So you’re all best friends now and, in any case, it’s all about the music, man!  However, as members of The Smiths would probably tell you, it’s worth taking some time to think about your legal relationship with your fellow band members, preferably before the band is making any serious money.  In fact, this can be a very positive and reassuring exercise, helping to clarify issues which may be at the back of all the band members’ minds.  It may also stop unwanted tensions from creeping in and, once a written band agreement is drawn up, prevent or reduce future disagreement between band members.

As a result of English partnership law, various legal rights and obligations are implied when a band starts to write or perform together.  Although it is possible to amend many of these by a written band agreement, in the absence of such an agreement the following…

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Nice bit of thinking on “Music 2.0” or the music mentality


My students are probably sick of hearing me talk about Music 2.0 (of course they can’t do much about it since I’m their teacher). Being someone who has been part of the local record industry for quite a while and now a very keen observer as part of the academe, bad news for my students I will go on talking about it for quite a while .  Primarily because as an industry, we still have a lot of catching up to do.

SO WHAT IS MUSIC 2.0 ANYWAY?  Media Futurist and Author Gerd Leonhard (pictured above) has studied this extensively and and puts it perfectly:

“Selling copies is over, and selling access is next. Preventing the illegitimate use of music is turning out to be impossible, while allowing i.e. licensing any and all types of new platforms is the future.”–Gerd Leonhard,

You’d think he won’t make to many friends…

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Five and a bit things bands should probably start doing in 2013

Some clear simple points to take on board from the Sentric Music Blog

The Sentric Music Blog

By Pursehouse – follow me on Twitter.

So you may have noticed it’s a new year, which is nice. For some reason our psyche has this foible of letting us think that because the year ends in a different number now compared to what it did not so long ago that we can change elements of our characteristics which we find undesirable within ourselves despite us essentially being exactly the same person we were in early December.

Bit odd really; we never think “Right, Simon, it’s the 19th May, time to stop eating so much chocolate and cut down on caffeine

Anyhow, in the spirit of this I thought I’d do a post which mentions a few of the things I come across on pretty much a daily basis which bands/artists/musicians etc are still doing which would take no time at all to correct and result in…

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Biting the hand that feeds? More like deafening the ears that listen.

Great read, for those making music

The Sentric Music Blog

By Pursehouse – follow me on Twitter.

Dear Artists,

I love you all. I dearly do. You do something that is truly beautiful; you make music. You create lyrics wrapped in metaphors and similes that paint pictures within my over-active imagination. You produce melodies and harmonies of tones and keys, sometimes con brio yet other times melancholic and sombre that can elevate feelings of upmost joy or supress emotions of downright dejection.

But blimey, sometimes you don’t half annoy me.

I’ve asked a few of my industry chums from all different areas of the music business to tell me the things that artists do which annoy them the most. I’ve collated them here, chucked in a couple of my own and presented them to you, the great musicians of this world, to read, digest and hopefully influence your future actions.

Chances are you’re probably guilty of at least one thing…

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