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Soundrop – Bands, Claim Your Artist Room & Engage With Your Fans

Soundrop is a social music app on Spotify that allows music fans to enter rooms that host different genres and themes of music. Within the room fans can add and vote for the music that’s played within that room, but it also allows them to use a chat function to talk to other fans about the music they’re all listening to together.


Most recently Soundrop added a wondrous new feature for artists and bands. Every artist on Spotify now has their own listening room within the app. So what does this mean? Well basically if you go onto the Soundrop app here, and search for yourself on Spotify (you have to have music on Spotify), then you’ll find a room all for you, already full of your music. Not only that but, the rooms are EXCLUSIVELY for your music, so nobody can “troll’ and add in Psy midway through your album. Excellent right?!

Now, I thought I was being really smart when I came up with this idea two weeks ago, only to find out Soundrop had already launched the rooms in May 2013 (damn innovative developers). But then I thought well maybe some artists don’t know about it/know how they can use this to their advantage. So this post is for you, my talented musical brethren.

Note: You, your management or your mother, don’t (yet) own these rooms full of your music. Soundrop state you have to contact them to get admin rights, so I’d suggest doing that, though it isn’t necessary to host the events below.

Now, with these rooms available to you, wouldn’t it be an excellent way to meet, greet and generally interact with your fans over the one thing that brought you all together in the first place? Your music.

So, got a new album coming out? Perfect, let your fans know that on the 19th of whenev-uary at 6pm, you will be hosting a Q&A or AMA (ask me anything) in your official Soundrop room, while listening to your new album. Get all the band members to log into the room, fill it with all the tracks off your new album and then simply, sit and listen to it with your fans and answer any questions they have about it.

This easily trumps the Twitter Q&As bands do with a sort-of-funny hashtag, as you and your fans are all sitting listening and discussing your  music at the same time. The fans are engaging, as well as learning more about you, the album itself and the processes that went into it. Not only that, but you’re actually being paid for it, so get a decent enough crowd into the room and your streams will soon be building. Bullseye. You’re actively driving streams on Spotify. 


No albums or music on Spotify yet? No worries. Just create your own room & name it [Band Name Influences], fill it with your favourite bands, your influences and your inspirations. Chances are they’re also your fan’s favourites, influences and inspirations. Get a discussion going in the room, just talk about the music you enjoy and why. No doubt your fans will be bragging to their friends that they’re in a “room” with you chatting about how you both love Eiffel 65. I mean, who wouldn’t? You’re bonding over music you all enjoy, it’s the best way to really make your fans feel part of your universe, all while sitting in your pants listening to 90’s europop.

So get on Soundrop. If you’ve got music, claim your room and use it to interact. If you haven’t, make a room and invite everyone to come and listen to music with you.

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BeatsOnToast on Digital Music Trends [Video]

This week I had the pleasure of taking part in the much respected weekly show, Digital Music Trends, discussing the latest news and breakthroughs in digital music and technology. 

Along with host and digital music maestro Andrea Leonelli, was Darren Hemmings former head of digital marketing at [PIAS] Entertainment Group and now founder of digital marketing agency Motive Unknown.

Together we discussed the week’s latest developments in music and technology, including; the closure of TuneWiki, iTunes Radio royalty rates, Jay-Z & Kanye album release strategies, Spotify apps & where are they heading, Sony Unlimited & offline playback, Xbox Music & their new web based player, Pandora’s recent PR disasters, plus much more.

You can watch the video below, and I recommend subscribing to the DMT mailing list and Youtube channel to keep up to date, or if you like you podcasts via iTunes then subscribe by clicking here. Andrea has a certain knack for getting in the most knowledgeable and active members of our industry in for one to one interviews and discussions, all of which are worth watching or listening to.

DMT 138 – 26th June 2013

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‘We’re saving live music’ – Introducing: GigOwl

Grown out of a need for innovative solutions to problems in the live music and events sector, and to push independent musicians further in the UK, GigOwl was formed in early 2013 by Anthony Bliss and Chris Mead.

“We are a community marketplace for venues and event professionals.”

GigOwl is an ethical community booking service that connects musicians with studios, promoters and event organisers. At their core the GigOwl team want to make things simpler for musicians and venues.

Through streamlined gig requests, guided marketing support and giving organisers and musicians the tools needed to promote their gigs, GigOwl aims to develop a platform that empowers musicians, promoters and fans within the world of live music.

In their own words: “Great new talent exists, it should be experienced, and we want to help make that happen a lot more.

And they’ve already started! GigOwl are offering an up and coming; folk, indie or alternative act the chance to play the final day of Sheffield’s inner-city music festival Tramlines on the 21st July, you can apply by simply clicking here – Apply For Tramlines Festival.

Apply To Play Tramlines Festival By Clicking The Image

They also want to hear from YOU, independent musicians. Share the experiences you’ve had with venues, promoters and other musicians, tell them how you think gigging needs to be improved, so that GigOwl can adapt to make itself the best platform it can be for you; the musician. You can either drop Anthony and Chris an email OR Tweet them OR message them on Facebook. They’re really friendly guys, so do get in touch.

GigOwl Website
GigOwl Twitter
GigOwl Facebook

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Streaming: Pay In For A Payout? Contemporary Issues In Arts Management #CIAM13

On Monday 20th May I will be presenting at the Contemporary Issues In Arts Management Conference at Liverpool John Moore’s Redmond Building. The 5 day conference, sees myself and 30-ish classmates presenting a topic we have been researching within our chosen entertainment fields.

Mine, as you can see from the title is about music streaming and will take place at 14:45 GMT. I will be looking at three things:

  1. Are we looking at music streaming the wrong way?
  2. Can being on streaming services pay off for artists? What are the alternatives?
  3. Are the current per-stream rates fair due to Spotify’s business model or should they be doing more to level the playing field for all artists?

The conference will be streamed live, and for your viewing pleasures I have embedded the stream below, if you wish to comment on the topics talked about we will all be tweeting to #ciam13. You can see the full itinerary on the official app, which you can view here:

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Introducing: Ady Suleiman

Not quite an introduction, as anybody with their ear to the ground will have heard this lads name by now. Hailing from Grantham, Ady has been spending his time in Liverpool finishing off a degree in music, while simultaneously bringing the house down in any venue he puts a foot in across the country.

With a tasty blend of simplistic soul, pop and reggae, Ady has carved out his own space in a genre of music many wouldn’t tend to look at in this era of flailing ‘womps’ and ambient tones. With only rough demos and his ’12am One Take Sessions’ to his name, you can’t help but be pulled into his sound, and neither could BBC Introducing and Radio 1Xtra who recently brought Ady down to Maida Vale to perform a few of his tracks for MistaJam, which you can see below, to prove that this isn’t all talk.

In this short time Ady has also supported the likes of Professor Green and BBC Introducing’s Sound of 2012, Michael Kiwanuka (A show I was gutted to miss). Hitting the festival circuit this year, Ady already has a performance at Liverpool Sound City under his belt, with Truck, Dot To DotCamp Bestival and Bestival yet to go.

Trying to avoid blurting out a cliché here, but Ady really is on the up, and I can tell you it is a pleasure to watch him play, whether that be just himself and his guitarist Ed Black or with a full band (brass section included). If you haven’t already, check him out and get yourself down to one of his shows, you will not be dissapointed.

Check out Ady’s Maida Vale Sessions Here

Is The UK’s Secondary Ticket Market In Need Of Government Legislation To Regulate An Open Market?

The BeatsOnToast posts haven’t been flowing as frequently over the past two months due to a huge research project I undertook as part of my degree. I can now, very happily say that it is over and done with and I can share the finished paper with you. 

A personal interest of mine over the last few years has been secondary ticketing, particularly within the UK’s live music event industry. You may have heard or read in the news over the last few months the complaints against secondary ticketing sites such as Viagogo, Seatwave and Stubhub for the price of tickets placed on these resale sites and the effects they have on the industry and on the fan,  a recent example of The Rolling Stones tickets going for £11,000, a ridiculous mark up on the face value of the ticket. These complaints have been raised before with many within the industry calling for legislation to regulate these sites.

My dissertation tackled this issue, and investigated whether legislation is needed to regulate the secondary ticketing market. Below is the abstract from the paper, if you wish to read the entire thing then click the link below and do feel free to get in touch to give feedback and lets chat about the topic.

Download here: Is The UK’s Secondary Ticket Market In Need Of Government Legislation To Regulate An Open Market?


The following paper addresses the current state of the UK’s live events industry and secondary ticket market. It looks at whether the secondary ticket market is in need of legislation to regulate the actions of those who operate within it.

The literature of the paper collects the published data and opinions on the subject. It defines what secondary ticketing is as well as establishing the key stakeholders, issues and discussions around the topic. It also looks at the published literature on the current state of the secondary market as well as the future of secondary ticketing.

The methodology outlines the research philosophy, as well as the instruments and methods used to collect data for the findings. It explains how and why interviews and questionnaires were undertaken, and how participants were selected. It contains information on the research participants as well as the topics that were brought up in the research methods.

The findings reveal that the industry is split on whether legislation is needed; research participants supported both sides of the argument convincingly. New information was discovered in terms of primary ticketing agent transaction transparency and refund policies. Participants also voiced their doubt that voluntary codes proposed in lieu of legislation would be upheld. It became clear that while from an ethical stand point, something not analysed within this paper, legislation is needed it is unlikely the government would restrict a profitable and legitimate market. 

Is The UK’s Secondary Ticket Market In Need Of Government Legislation To Regulate An Open Market?

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An idiot’s guide for emerging artists to making money from your music publishing rights

The Sentric Music Blog

By Pursehouse – follow me on Twitter

A bit of blurb before the nitty gritty. If you’re a ‘no nonsense’ kind of guy/gal then skip this bit and head straight to ‘What Is Music Publishing’

[begin whimsical]

When you do something day in, day out, it’s often easy to forget that those around you don’t understand your profession to the level that you do. I’m not suggesting you’d expect your Dutch flatmate to understand the intricacies of your daily routine; but quite often they might not even know the slightest bit about what you do for the eight hours a day when you’re not at home invading his personal space and leaving dirty dishes unwashed.

I’ve been a music publisher for near on the best part of a decade now and my parents still have no idea what it is I actually do. They know it’s about music and that…

View original post 2,205 more words

All My BeatsOnToast Posts In One Place

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Show Off In 6 Seconds: Introducing Vine For Musicians

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“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” – the importance of written band agreements

LawBlacks Blog

So you’re all best friends now and, in any case, it’s all about the music, man!  However, as members of The Smiths would probably tell you, it’s worth taking some time to think about your legal relationship with your fellow band members, preferably before the band is making any serious money.  In fact, this can be a very positive and reassuring exercise, helping to clarify issues which may be at the back of all the band members’ minds.  It may also stop unwanted tensions from creeping in and, once a written band agreement is drawn up, prevent or reduce future disagreement between band members.

As a result of English partnership law, various legal rights and obligations are implied when a band starts to write or perform together.  Although it is possible to amend many of these by a written band agreement, in the absence of such an agreement the following…

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Show Off in 6 Seconds: Introducing Vine For Musicians

Vine: The best way to see and share life in motion…apparently.

So, can it work for bands?

If you haven’t yet heard of Vine, I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s not that old, about two weeks old in fact. Still in its early days as an app Vine allows users to record & edit 6 (and a half) second videos and share them on it’s own platform as well as social media sites like Twitter.

6 SECONDS?! I hear you shout! I know, what can you record in 6 seconds? Seriously, it takes me longer than 6 seconds to take a photo. Well, turns out 6 seconds gives you quite a bit of time to be creative. Vine lets you record for very brief periods, so you can record 1 scene for 2 seconds then stop recording. Change the scene, record for another 2 seconds. Stop. Change the scene and record for the last 2 seconds. Voila! 3 scenes in 6 seconds. What an emotional roller coaster that was.

Now a few brands (McDonalds, Armani, to name a few) have already jumped all over it, animating chicken nuggets. Strange but it got some decent interaction. So if they can, why can’t you lot?

The lines i’m thinking along is using Vine like you’d use Instagram or your band blog/vlog. You can now give fans a 6 second insight into band life. (But PLEASE no 6 second clips of your dinner, a plate of spaghetti is still a plate of spaghetti 6 seconds later).

A few ideas then (off the top of my head); rehearsing your new unheard song? Why not Vine a bit of a picking or a slice of the synth that makes that song what it is? Use it as a teaser and release it to the world (Do it on it’s own without the full band so it’s not distorted though, like you’re giving away one piece of the puzzle). Use it to slowly reveal track titles, album art, album names. Use it to snapshot the band; like a picture slideshow, use it to capture your soundcheck, your load in, your load out, you drinking the rider, you stealing your wrongly distributed rider, whatever you like! But make it interesting! Show some personality, show the characters you are in 6 second clips, you don’t have to worry about coming across as stuttering idiots in a 15 minute video blog.

Don’t worry about building too much of a following on Vine just yet, it’s early days so it is still picking up, instead use its firm link with Twitter and a FEW well chosen hashtags when you post the video and let your followers just view and interact with the video from Twitter, they don’t have to go to a separate site like Instagram, which is nice.

Other than that, have a play, see what works for you. Come up with some interesting ideas yourself, feel free to post them or tweet them to me too, I’d like to see some ingenuity with the app too.

Download Vine here

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