The Ten Things People In The Music Industry Want From Your Facebook page…

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By Pursehouse – Follow me on Twitter.

(FYI – I did a similar post back in November 2011, but this one is all shiny and new as of ‘summer’ 2013)

Regardless on what your personal views are on Zuckerburg’s creation; Facebook is quite simply the ‘go to’ place for me to have a gander at a band/artist I’ve been recommended by someone or something.

Thanks to this I’m on Facebook every bloody waking day of my life. So much so that my ‘Friends’ on there must think I’m borderline addicted at being in the loop with what they’re all doing; which mainly consists of making me feel fat and lazy (“Steve’s just completed a 83km run!”), jealous (“Andrea’s just checked into a hotel spa & resort you can’t even dream of affording!”) or desperately alone (“That lad who was fatter, lazier and poorer than you…

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