Streaming: Pay In For A Payout? Contemporary Issues In Arts Management #CIAM13

On Monday 20th May I will be presenting at the Contemporary Issues In Arts Management Conference at Liverpool John Moore’s Redmond Building. The 5 day conference, sees myself and 30-ish classmates presenting a topic we have been researching within our chosen entertainment fields.

Mine, as you can see from the title is about music streaming and will take place at 14:45 GMT. I will be looking at three things:

  1. Are we looking at music streaming the wrong way?
  2. Can being on streaming services pay off for artists? What are the alternatives?
  3. Are the current per-stream rates fair due to Spotify’s business model or should they be doing more to level the playing field for all artists?

The conference will be streamed live, and for your viewing pleasures I have embedded the stream below, if you wish to comment on the topics talked about we will all be tweeting to #ciam13. You can see the full itinerary on the official app, which you can view here:

Live Video streaming by Ustream


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