An idiot’s guide for emerging artists to making money from your music publishing rights

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A bit of blurb before the nitty gritty. If you’re a ‘no nonsense’ kind of guy/gal then skip this bit and head straight to ‘What Is Music Publishing’

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When you do something day in, day out, it’s often easy to forget that those around you don’t understand your profession to the level that you do. I’m not suggesting you’d expect your Dutch flatmate to understand the intricacies of your daily routine; but quite often they might not even know the slightest bit about what you do for the eight hours a day when you’re not at home invading his personal space and leaving dirty dishes unwashed.

I’ve been a music publisher for near on the best part of a decade now and my parents still have no idea what it is I actually do. They know it’s about music and that…

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