That Annoying Coffee Analogy

If you want to compare your music to coffee…well that is up to you


I’ve seen this graphic numerous times on my Facebook wall a couple of times already, I’m sure you’ve seen this too.
On the surface it seems to be sensible, right? The people who used to pay top money to get an artist’s CD suddenly isn’t willing to do so anymore.  But on the other hand, these same people are still willing to pay a ridiculous amount for their daily coffee fix.
Unfortunately, possibly risking the ire of some artists, I don’t buy this analogy.
This analogy insists on COMMODIFYING music when in fact the internet has already debunked this idea.  When we digitised music content we effectively took out the music from the container the market was buying, whether its a vinyl, cassette or CD.
Yes with 99 cents (P40) they could:
  • buy an Ice Cream Sandwich at Dairy Queen
  • Two bars of soap
  • Siomai and Ice Tea
 Or they…

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