Show Off in 6 Seconds: Introducing Vine For Musicians

Vine: The best way to see and share life in motion…apparently.

So, can it work for bands?

If you haven’t yet heard of Vine, I wouldn’t worry too much, it’s not that old, about two weeks old in fact. Still in its early days as an app Vine allows users to record & edit 6 (and a half) second videos and share them on it’s own platform as well as social media sites like Twitter.

6 SECONDS?! I hear you shout! I know, what can you record in 6 seconds? Seriously, it takes me longer than 6 seconds to take a photo. Well, turns out 6 seconds gives you quite a bit of time to be creative. Vine lets you record for very brief periods, so you can record 1 scene for 2 seconds then stop recording. Change the scene, record for another 2 seconds. Stop. Change the scene and record for the last 2 seconds. Voila! 3 scenes in 6 seconds. What an emotional roller coaster that was.

Now a few brands (McDonalds, Armani, to name a few) have already jumped all over it, animating chicken nuggets. Strange but it got some decent interaction. So if they can, why can’t you lot?

The lines i’m thinking along is using Vine like you’d use Instagram or your band blog/vlog. You can now give fans a 6 second insight into band life. (But PLEASE no 6 second clips of your dinner, a plate of spaghetti is still a plate of spaghetti 6 seconds later).

A few ideas then (off the top of my head); rehearsing your new unheard song? Why not Vine a bit of a picking or a slice of the synth that makes that song what it is? Use it as a teaser and release it to the world (Do it on it’s own without the full band so it’s not distorted though, like you’re giving away one piece of the puzzle). Use it to slowly reveal track titles, album art, album names. Use it to snapshot the band; like a picture slideshow, use it to capture your soundcheck, your load in, your load out, you drinking the rider, you stealing your wrongly distributed rider, whatever you like! But make it interesting! Show some personality, show the characters you are in 6 second clips, you don’t have to worry about coming across as stuttering idiots in a 15 minute video blog.

Don’t worry about building too much of a following on Vine just yet, it’s early days so it is still picking up, instead use its firm link with Twitter and a FEW well chosen hashtags when you post the video and let your followers just view and interact with the video from Twitter, they don’t have to go to a separate site like Instagram, which is nice.

Other than that, have a play, see what works for you. Come up with some interesting ideas yourself, feel free to post them or tweet them to me too, I’d like to see some ingenuity with the app too.

Download Vine here

Let me know your thoughts; Follow, Reblog & Subscribe!

What I’m listening to: Frankie Davies – Yasmin


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