Nice bit of thinking on “Music 2.0” or the music mentality


My students are probably sick of hearing me talk about Music 2.0 (of course they can’t do much about it since I’m their teacher). Being someone who has been part of the local record industry for quite a while and now a very keen observer as part of the academe, bad news for my students I will go on talking about it for quite a while .  Primarily because as an industry, we still have a lot of catching up to do.

SO WHAT IS MUSIC 2.0 ANYWAY?  Media Futurist and Author Gerd Leonhard (pictured above) has studied this extensively and and puts it perfectly:

“Selling copies is over, and selling access is next. Preventing the illegitimate use of music is turning out to be impossible, while allowing i.e. licensing any and all types of new platforms is the future.”–Gerd Leonhard, Mediafuturist.com

You’d think he won’t make to many friends…

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