“Attending” – Facebook’s Music Event Fibs

For a change of pace this is more of a post to spark discussion more than anything else. Something i’ve been noticing more and more recently, is the low level of interaction in Facebook Events across not only music but all industries. So, my question, are Facebook Events Pointless or are you better off shouting your news from the rooftops?


Seems to be the case there is a Facebook Event started for pretty much anything now. Birthday party? Facebook Event. Star Wars Marathon? Facebook Event. Going shopping? Facebook Event (seriously, I’ve seen it). Most of them, you set up invite who ever, upload a funny picture and give a brief description of what is going to happen. Some people click “Attending” but most don’t and the event page goes untouched and forgotten.

And I think these are partly to blame for the low interaction actual events see on Facebook now.

The amount of Facebook Events I see set up by bands (sometimes 2 days before the actual gigthat have 30 or less “Attending” but 1,000 “Invited” is ridiculous. First point. If the band is only promoting the gig 2 days before it starts then it’s their own fault. Second point. How do those 30 “Attendees” make you look to outsiders? I’m not saying it’s an awful number, if you’re a local band pulling 30 people is quite good, but considering you invited 1,000 people, it’s bloody awful. 30/1000 people cared enough to even respond to your invitation. Like I said you might as well of shouted it from the rooftops.


E.g. Kerrang! Tour 2013; says it is Sold Out, but only 130 “Attending”, hmm…

Now, I keep putting “Attending” in quotation marks to highlight how fickle that function actually is. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, everyone has done it. You’ve been invited to an event, been slightly interested and just clicked “Attending” to get it out of the way, then quickly turned off the event notifications, so you never have to think about it again. There is no responsibility or accountability to the action, i’ve even been asked to click “attending” on events happening hundreds of miles away just to make the event look “hot”. Pointless.

Despite these, I do see the benefit in setting up an event (in good time) as an info centre. As a place to collate all the info of the event; who’s playing, who’s promoting, where they can get tickets and time/date etc. But if that’s all they’re going to be and if people aren’t going to interact with them, is there anything else you could use? Landing Pages for example? Has anyone reading this used anything more effective, or even manage to use Facebook Event pages effectively? I’d love to hear some success stories.

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