Five and a bit things bands should probably start doing in 2013

Some clear simple points to take on board from the Sentric Music Blog

The Sentric Music Blog

By Pursehouse – follow me on Twitter.

So you may have noticed it’s a new year, which is nice. For some reason our psyche has this foible of letting us think that because the year ends in a different number now compared to what it did not so long ago that we can change elements of our characteristics which we find undesirable within ourselves despite us essentially being exactly the same person we were in early December.

Bit odd really; we never think “Right, Simon, it’s the 19th May, time to stop eating so much chocolate and cut down on caffeine

Anyhow, in the spirit of this I thought I’d do a post which mentions a few of the things I come across on pretty much a daily basis which bands/artists/musicians etc are still doing which would take no time at all to correct and result in…

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