Biting the hand that feeds? More like deafening the ears that listen.

Great read, for those making music

The Sentric Music Blog

By Pursehouse – follow me on Twitter.

Dear Artists,

I love you all. I dearly do. You do something that is truly beautiful; you make music. You create lyrics wrapped in metaphors and similes that paint pictures within my over-active imagination. You produce melodies and harmonies of tones and keys, sometimes con brio yet other times melancholic and sombre that can elevate feelings of upmost joy or supress emotions of downright dejection.

But blimey, sometimes you don’t half annoy me.

I’ve asked a few of my industry chums from all different areas of the music business to tell me the things that artists do which annoy them the most. I’ve collated them here, chucked in a couple of my own and presented them to you, the great musicians of this world, to read, digest and hopefully influence your future actions.

Chances are you’re probably guilty of at least one thing…

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