Reach Your Facebook Fan-atics Through Opt-in Notifications!

Good news for bands and artists!

Seems that with all the changes surrounding Facebook’s recent  Edge Rank changes they have now added a little feature for bands and artists to reconnect with their fans.

Introducing Page Notifications. It’s not back to the old way we all knew, but it’s taking the pain away a little and it means that more than six people will see your post, which is always good.

Last week the option (shown below) to “Get Notifications” from pages appeared on band Facebook Pages, an Opt-In system for users to receive notifications from pages they like. This from Facebook – “We are currently rolling out the ability for people to receive notifications from specific pages, friends or public figures that they are connected to. This feature will help people keep up with the people and things that they care about most.”

By default, notifications are off, I’m assuming because the people that like “The Cold Side Of The Pillow” type pages don’t actually want to get updates every day.

But for your fans that do want to see your updates, they can choose to turn on notifications AS WELL AS turning on “Show In News Feed” which is near enough redundant anyway but at least gives you the opportunity to get on their dash.

This means they’ll receive notifications when you update your page. So I suggest those of you who have linked your Twitter Feed to your Facebook feed turn it off, or you’ll rightly piss off your fans.

The hardest part for you musicians will be reaching the your fans all over again to explain this new move and encouraging them to go ahead and click “Get Notifications.”

It’s a step forward (or backward?) so I’d suggest reading up on it a bit more, and see what you can do with it.

UPDATES: Not long after posting this, TechCrunch posted this article Killing Rumours With Facts: No, Facebook Decrease Page Feed Reach To Sell More Promoted Posts. It’s worth a read, basically they have data supporting that the Edge Rank changes was actually to stop Spammy pages being shown in the newsfeed and to encourage interesting and engaging content from page owners, definitely worth a read.

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3 responses to “Reach Your Facebook Fan-atics Through Opt-in Notifications!”

  1. Alex Altrincham HQ says :

    Would also suggest looking at the new pages feed as well which facebook are rolling out as we speak

    It’s similar to close friends so you can see all the page posts together

    Just wrote a blog on it

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