Intro to Beats On Toast…

Hello all who actually clicked the link I posted on Twitter to a blog that currently has no posts other than this introduction…awkward.

Thanks for the stat anyway. Beats On Toast will be my new blog (third attempt after getting lost on the second attempt in Tumblr reposting kittens) my focus will be on music. As broad as that is I will be covering, marketing techniques for musicians and bands, reviews of venues and bands, discussing bands I am enjoying, reminiscing on bands we probably all listened to and general la de da of the what I am up to in the industry, with some humour, rage and a tiny bit of wit thrown in.

So click follow if it’ll interest you and i’ll try and live up to the expectation. Similarly, if you’d like to witness that in fewer words…say, 140 characters you can also follow me on Twitter @TomSSatchwell.

A quick heads up to @Schubone for the quite frankly brilliant blog name. Also if you need a Trombonist, he’s your man.

That’s it for now, first official post is in the works and will be based around two Cs – Collaborations & Covers.

See you then!


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